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BioProcess Resources LLC offers this site as an information source, which is continuously building to an extend to create a one-stop information source for process steps like filtration and purification within the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, we offer our experiences and know-how as a service to you, to support your process, technology and economical requirements.
Filtration and purification are an essential part of aseptic processing, practiced in every days drug product manufacturing operation. This site and the services of BioProcess Resources LLC focuses on the support of these operations. The support is based on a broad technology view to find the best fitting equipment for the individual application, to create the ability to search for technical data and ask an expert group questions and to offer consulting or training services, so that validated processes are not jeopardized by lack of trained personnel.
We will progressively enhance this site to more and more detailed, but also a broader scope of separation and purification information for your use. This means for you immediate time savings, as answers in separation and purification will be found here and if other topics are required, we will direct you to an associate of ours.
We thank you for your interest !
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